Patient Stories

As most of you are aware, when it comes to Cushings and Adrenal Insufficiency, everyone is different. No two stories are the same. No two diagnosis’ are the same. Some people are unfortunate enough to experience every single Cushings symptom, some only a few. Some are diagnosed very quickly, most take years. Some have an incredibly smooth remission, some relapse. That’s why I reached out to other Cushings and Adrenal Insufficient patients and partners, carers, parents of patients and asked them to share their stories, how it affected their lives.

“However, the recovery from the adrenal crisis was a completely different affair. I lost a stone in weight and was at the lightest I’d been since school. I spent the first two weeks out of hospital sitting on the couch barely able to walk around, I cried quite a lot, it took a good 6 months to get over it to be honest. Adrenal crisis’ are life threatening, I know that now, I’ve had a taste of how quickly things can go wrong for patients who rely on Hydrocortisone.”
– Carl Hall

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“When I went to my first appointment at the endocrinologist I mentioned cushings and they said “no one has cushings. It is so rare.”  I was checked for PSOD along with other things. As everything else was getting ruled out. I could tell the doctor was thinking it was possible I had cushings disease. For months I did urine tests and saliva tests and countless amounts of bloodwork. I did in-fact have Cushings disease.”
– Brynn Stroehlein

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“I was formally diagnosed with Sheehan’s Syndrome in June 2015 after tests showed my pituitary was permanently damaged. I take hydrocortisone, levothyroxine, oestrogen, progesterone, growth hormone, Vitamin D and antidepressants. I also have an emergency Solu-Cortef injection and anti-emetic injection when needed.”
– Jennifer Kenworthy

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