My Egg.

In truth, I haven’t had the energy to write recently. I’ve had A LOT of time, which is going really quickly. But, I have been in my own personal prison. Both mentally and physically.

Tomorrow, 27th February, marks two whole years since I married my best friend. So much has changed in the last two years, it’s unbelievable. 2015 was hands down, the best year of my entire life and completely changed me as a person. Daniel and I got married, had the most amazing honeymoon in Mauritius, bought our first home together, I landed a decent career and we bought our little fluffy puff, Willow. Oh and to top it off, we managed to get 2 weeks in Greece as well!

Since then, everything went a bit pear shaped, health wise for both of us! Daniel was kicked whilst we were on holiday in Turkey which resulted in 10 months off work, reconstructive knee surgery and a lot of physio! He’s due to go back to work in exactly one week and I swear, I don’t know how I will cope, let alone him.

Daniel met me when I wasn’t ‘me’. Fell in love with the person I had become due to this illness and has supported and stood by me through thick and thin. He’s seen every mood swing (and God, there’s been plenty!), watched me completely change as a person and pretty much become my carer. I have him to thank for me still being here, because I swear, if it wasn’t for him, I’d either be six foot deep, or in the loony bin.

I can’t even put it into words what he means to me and I know I take him for granted. He is my best friend, my rock, the person I turn to when things are getting too much. He is there to make me feel better, to pick up the pieces of me that are falling apart and always puts me back together again. He’s the reason I am so determined to get through this, I want to be able to give him the life he’s missed out on over the last few years. He’s pushed for answers, he’s wiped away my tears, he’s cared for me in ways that no man should ever have to care for his wife at such a young age. He’s just got on with it, no questions asked. On top of his own problems, he takes on mine and makes me feel better, puts me before himself every single day and I count my blessings. He is the strongest, most kind hearted person I have ever met and I am so incredibly lucky to call him my husband.

We are having a short break to a log cabin tomorrow for 3 nights and I can’t wait.

I know this hasn’t really been any update or any further information regarding my Cushing’s journey but it’s been a nice outlet to vent my feelings about my number one.

There is more to tell about my diagnosis etc which I will publish when I am back from our anniversary break.

A x

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